Monitoring availability in realtime

In the DeltaBlue Cloud Platform, you can monitor the availability of your URLs using the availability monitor, accessible via the “Status” menu item in the overview menu.

The big tiles at the top of the Availability Monitor provide you with a quick glance at the current status of your URLs. Each tile represents a specific status category, such as sites online, sites failed, items acknowledged, sites snoozed, and sites disabled.

By clicking on a tile, the list of URLs displayed in the dashboard is automatically filtered to show only URLs that match the status represented by the selected tile.

Acking and snoozing

You have the option to acknowledge or snooze URLs based on their availability status. Acknowledging an issue acknowledges that the user is aware of the problem, while snoozing temporarily suppresses alerts for a specified duration.

You can choose from various acknowledgment or snooze options:

  • Set indefinitely.
  • Set until the state is okay.
  • Set for a specified duration.
  • Schedule for a future time.

View details

You can expand individual URLs to view detailed information such as error codes, response bodies, last check time, number of failures, and the state since when the issue occurred.

Additionally, you can directly navigate to the associated application in the platform or visit the URL for further investigation.