Enabling Cloudflare

Made easy with a few clicks on the DeltaBlue platform.

Configuring Cloudflare with the Cloudflare Tab

On the environment level, our platform offers a dedicated Cloudflare tab, providing you with an overview of URLs grouped per application within your environment and the option to activate Cloudflare services. However, before activating Cloudflare, it’s crucial to ensure correct DNS setup. Here’s how you can proceed:

Access the Cloudflare tab within your environment to view a detailed overview of URLs associated with your environment.

Verify DNS Setup

Before activating Cloudflare services, double-check that your DNS configuration is correct. Ensure that DNS records for your URLs are accurately configured to point to the correct servers or services within your environment.

More information can be found here How to add a new domain name to your application

Activate Cloudflare

Once you’ve confirmed the correctness of your DNS setup, you can proceed to activate Cloudflare services for your environment. This step enables you to leverage Cloudflare’s suite of performance and security features to enhance the reliability, performance, and security of your web infrastructure.

By following these steps and ensuring proper DNS setup, you can effectively leverage the Cloudflare tab on the environment level to manage URLs and activate Cloudflare services for your environment, enhancing the performance and security of your web applications.