Managing teams on application level

A breakdown of the access and roles available, as well as the possibilities.

In the DeltaBlue Cloud Platform, the Members area allows users to efficiently manage team members and their access levels within projects, environments, and applications. Here’s a breakdown of the access levels and roles available, as well as the possibilities this brings for end users:

Access Levels

  • TEAM: This is the highest level, granting overall access to all projects, environments, and applications within the platform. Access at this level is granted on a team-wide basis.

  • PROJECT: Users at this level have full access to all environments and applications within the specified project.

  • ENVIRONMENT: This level provides full access to all applications within a specific environment of the project.

  • APPLICATION: Users at this level have access only to specific applications within the specified environment of the project.


  • Owner: Owners can manage team members and possess all the permissions of a developer.

  • Developer: Developers have permissions to work with applications, environments, and projects.

Managing access

  • Users can be added to projects, environments, or applications, allowing for granular access control. This enables users to limit access to specific applications or grant access to entire projects.

  • Access levels and roles can be specified when inviting users, providing flexibility in defining the scope of their access within the platform.

Inviting users

  • Users not yet members of the platform can be invited via email. They will receive an invitation email and can accept the invitation to join the platform.

  • When inviting users, access levels (project, environment, application) and roles can be specified, allowing for tailored access control.

  • Users can track the status of invitations and see if recipients have accepted or declined the invitations.