What can the DeltaBlue Cloud platform do for your project?

Hello and welcome to the first part of our “Getting Started with DeltaBlue Cloud Solutions” quick-guide series, in which we aim to properly introduce you to the powerful DeltaBlue Cloud platform, show you what features is has in store for you, and of course demonstrate how easy it really is to use. We will provide screenshots for clarification and will have video guides alongside this text-based series where necessary. In this first part we’re going over what DeltaBlue is all about as a company, and what sets it apart from the rest.

What is the DeltaBlue Cloud platform?

The DeltaBlue Cloud platform aims to set you up with the most optimal digital environment for your application needs. Our mission is to enable developers to build and distribute applications around the globe in a fast, easy, secure and automated way with minimal effort required. In addition, our real-time statistics module provides you with clear insights in the business and commercial aspects of your application.The platform eases your deployment management and optimizes your application’s performance, security and availability while keeping your costs under control with transparency.

Why use the DeltaBlue Cloud platform over other cloud solutions? 

Combine any technology to develop, test, deploy and scale your applications, in a matter of seconds!

  • Both micro services & monolithic architectures

  • Fully automated application deployment

  • Integrated DTAP & CI/CD

  • Instant cloning of applications

Go beyond multi-cloud solutions and combine the best-in-class technologies and services from different cloud providers.

  • One comprehensive management interface

  • Autonomously defined networks

  • Multi-vendor global coverage

  • Hybrid integration of cloud and on-premise infrastructure

Optimize your application code and architecture based on real-time technical insights and user behavior insights.

  • User metrics

  • Replication metrics

  • Geo-scaling

  • Automatic log analysis

Safely store and manage user data and keep complete control over your sensitive content.

  • Data segregation and encryption at all levels

  • Multi-tenant setup

  • Control over data location and cloud provider

  • Security control