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DeltaBlue breaks crowdlending record

DeltaBlue raises 300.000 EUR with a record breaking crowdlending campaign.

We are proud and excited to announce we have raised 300.000 euro to further boost our current growth roadmap. Our crowdlending campaign on the Bolero Crowdfunding platform broke a couple of records, as it was heavily oversubscribed and completely underwritten in less than two hours. We are excited to further expand our business the coming months and years!

Since launching the DeltaBlue Cloud platform, our commercial strategy has been focused on digital agencies. Not only do we offer a fast, global and innovative hosting solution, we empower developers to speed up their work with our set of DevOps tools and automated workflows.

With success! We have seen strong growth across the market and a lot of developers have embraced our development methodology.

However, new challenges lie ahead. As our clients are getting bigger, it is time to take the next step as a company. We are going to invest in getting ISO certified and will further professionalize our commercial organization. International expansion is another big focus point for the rest of 2019.

To invest in these ambitious plans, we needed to raise some funds. A transaction we finalized last Friday!

A recordbreaking crowdlending campaign

We financed this operation via the Bolero Crowdfunding platform of KBC. Crowdfunding is an alternative form of financing whereby a company presents an investment opportunity to individuals (“the crowd”) and tries to raise a minimum amount of money within a certain timeframe.

In close collaboration with our KBC Account Manager, we set up a Crowdlending campaign and issued a 300.000 euro investment bond. With success! We raised the money in a record breaking timeframe of two hours. What is more, the fundraising was also heavily oversubscribed.

The crowdlending formula perfectly fits in our company’s financing strategy. We are always striving to find the right balance between bank loans, equity funding and these types of alternative financing methods.

We are extremely satisfied about the professional collaboration with KBC and Bolero Crowdfunding. We cannot wait to take the next steps in the development of our company and to keep creating value for software developers all over the world.