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Origin urls

Platform feature update - Origin URLs

DeltaBlue has released an update to its platform on how you configure custom hostnames for your applications. The feature is called “Origin URLs” and is now generally available on all accounts and projects.


We have changed the way how you configure your DNS records. When you want to add your own URL to an application on the DeltaBlue Cloud platform, you would use a CNAME record. This CNAME record points to the DeltaBlue Cloud platform via a platform-generated URL. For example, points to These platform-generated URLs are based either on your application name or environment name. This is how you “connect” your URL to your application on the platform.

Problem #1:

Updating DNS settings, usually under control by the owner of the domain (aka your client), because your custom hostname needs to move to a new version of your application or it needs to be migrated to a different project.

This is a cumbersome process. Especially when 3rd parties are required to make the necessary changes. It could be your customer or another service company that maintains the DNS infrastructure for that domain.

Problem #2:

The internet breaks! Well, maybe not literally, but if you’ve been in this business as long as we have, you undoubtedly have had some moments when an application goes offline or becomes unreachable. At DeltaBlue, we have processes that cover such incidents, so your websites stay online. These processes require that you configure your DNS correctly to function. For example: Reroute traffic in case of a DDoS, or point traffic to a new gateway located at a different provider or network.

The Solution!

In short, “Origin URLs”. Origin URLs work differently. Instead of generating an URL based on your application name or environment name, we generate a platform URL based on your URL. This Origin URL is “loosely” coupled with your application configuration and can be dynamically updated by the platform to point to a new version of your application or a new gateway.


  • “Do I need to update my DNS?”
    We have generated Origin URLs for all existing URLs that you have configured in your applications. You can change your CNAME records to reflect the new Origin URL at your own discretion. However, we will not remove the previously platform-generated URLs that are currently in use. However, to benefit from all the advantages that come with Origin URLs, you will need to update your custom hostnames 1 more time.

  • “Will there be downtime if I update existing URLs to use Origin URLs?”
    No. Both platform-generated URLs and Origin URLs work alongside. When you update your DNS to use the new Origin URLs, it will take some time before the change will come into effect. This is a result of the DNS cache. When the cache expires, your hostname will automatically start using the Origin URL without any impact or downtime.

  • “Will the be other benefits in using Origin URLs?”
    Yes! We have just released a new native integration with Cloudflare that takes full advantage of the benefits that Origin URLs bring to the table. You can read more about it on our blog in the next few days!

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