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Black Friday is near: why site speed will matter for your webshop

Ecommerce website speed has a measurable impact on revenue. Make sure your shop can handle increased loads associated with yearly events.

Black Friday is near

Black Friday is approaching fast and the holiday season is coming soon. If you have a B2C ecommerce website, Q4 is probably the period of the year that makes up the biggest part of your revenues. More than enough reason to make sure that your webshop runs smoothly.

The worst thing that could happen during the most important period of the year, is that your webshop runs slow or even goes down under heavy user traffic. A delay in page speed as little as one second will lead to:

  • 7% fewer conversions
  • 11% fewer pageviews
  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction

With a two second delay at checkout, shopping cart abandonment will increase by 87%. When your website takes three seconds or longer to load, you will lose 40% of your visitors.

Still not convinced? 52% of your customers will be less loyal if site speed is slow and 75% of your visitors will not return to your webshop if they have a slow experience.

What about your site speed? The benefits of a faster website are obvious: higher conversion, more page views, increased loyalty, happier customers and more visitors.

How we will make your website faster

Our team of cloud experts will make sure your webshop runs at an amazing speed, even under heavy traffic. Based on your application’s stack and visitor insights of your webshop, we configure a multiregional cloud setup to make sure your site is blazing fast, anywhere, anytime.

Here’s how we operate:

  1. We analyze your application stack and datacenter architecture
  2. We analyze traffic, load, latency and network connectivity
  3. We draft a report with our suggestions
  4. We migrate your application to the cloud platform of preference
  5. Based on all these data points, we distribute your application across the globe and load balance to make sure a visitor is always directed to a nearby datacenter

A real life example

One of our webshop clients noticed a lot of incoming traffic from China. However, conversion was poor compared to the European benchmark. We had a meeting with the client’s digital agency and performed a one-day audit of the current setup.

After collecting and analyzing user statistics and infrastructure metrics, we concluded that page load times for Chinese visitors could reach up to 35 seconds. As a result, visitor experience was terrible. Most, if not all, visitors abandoned the webshop within five seconds.

We detected the origin of these long load times. The underlying infrastructure supporting the webshop was not tailored to accommodate Chinese visitors. It was hosted on a German server, which resulted in high latencies to China.

We identified the optimal location to host the platform for Chinese traffic.

By leveraging our cloud platform, we migrated the application and its components to data centers in Singapore and implemented the required load balancing strategy. Singaporean servers handled traffic from China, whereas other traffic routed towards servers located in Germany. The whole transformation was implemented without any downtime or unavailability for the webshop.

As a result, page loads immediately fell to under one second and Asian conversion ratios soared to match the European levels, almost instantly boosting the webshops overall revenues.

We have extensive experience with Magento, Symphony, Drupal Commerce and WooCommerce. If you would like an audit of your webshop, do not hesitate to reach out!


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