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Proven 23% faster time to
value with our PaaS platform

by providing a vendor and cloud agnostic platform that fully automates the application life cycle management. With the ability to ‘copy and paste’ environments in any multi hybrid set-up.

A selection of our happy customers

Our guarantees

  • Improved quality of software development with more testing and fewer errors.
  • Almost no dependencies for developers on other people or bottlenecks in the process.
  • Heavily reduced time needed to find and repair bugs.
  • The installation, updates and configurations are in sync  with software development.
  • Scalability and security by design.

The Start:
Cloud Migration

Imagine that every employee could pick any application they need as if it was your local appstore. No need for costly and lengthy installation and configuration projects. Start within minutes while maintaining full control.

For new projects a ROI even before the project is started? Developers no longer need to install databases or servers on their laptop and projects no longer need to wait for test servers or CI/CD setups.

And for your existing environment? We can Lift and Shift any application with zero downtime. How? Our aPaaS platform provides the unique capability to make an exact copy of ‘everything’ including the network topology.


The Development challenge

44% of the time a developer is working on something else than developing software.

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