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We help you anticipate and manage change and ensure that your workspace is always up and running. We design, implement and manage the infrastructure that enables your co-workers to collaborate and interact with applications and information.


Requirement profiling

Application remediation

Desktop and Interface design

Secured managed services

Data center

Data center

Data center

Your equipment is housed in our data center, providing secure floor space, power, cooling and resilience, ensuring the safety of your data at all times. We provide various levels of service, ranging from setup and administration to management and 24/7 technical support by our team of experts.

Co-location hosting

Fully managed service

Dedicated hosting

On demand hosting

Technical assistance

Unified communications

Unified communications

Unified communications

Unified communications means streamlining all of your communication channels through one easy to use platform. This will allow you to give your employes, partners and customers a super easy flow of communication among devices. All of these services can be delivered using a combination of your own resources or fully hosted by us and delivered as online services.

VoIP telephony

Cloud solutions management (Office 365, G Suite)

Chat and instant messaging

Video conferencing

Collaboration tools

Online services

Online services

Online services

Online services let you achieve greater agility, as you align service provisions directly to fluctuating business needs. With workspace as a service you can give your co-workers access to the productivity and communication tools they need from any authorized device, supporting the trend towards BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) and CYOD (Choose-your-own-device). And with infrastructure as a service, you can give them a secure, robust, flexible and high-performance platform on which you can run your most demanding business-critical and personal productivity services.

Workspace as a service

Infrastructure as a service

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