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A seamless Lift and Shift

A seamless Lift and Shift

Do you remember the last time you moved from one house to another? Well, I remember, and it’s not just ‘lift and shift’.

What do you mean by Lift and Shift?

Terminology tends to take on a life of its own in IT – and Lift and Shift is no exception. The concept is that the application and its configuration remain unchanged, but the hosting environment changes. It sounds so promising, but is it realistic?

The major considerations in a lift and shift migration are the requirements and configuration of the application. For one, think about the steps needed to change the IP or DNS and the- Oops…I forgot to make this small adjustment. So a great Cloud migration is a strategy well-executed however, it is prone to human error.

In practice

Managed service providers can do a great job, but the lead time and resources needed are immense. They vary from application management to infrastructural management and business management. To give the customer any guarantees regarding cost and time is not feasible.

We believe we can make a difference for MSPs with our DeltaBlue platform. Our promise is simple:

“A seamless Lift and Shift is a reality because we  copy everything, including stretching the network topology.”


The advantages

  • A fully transparent environment where there is virtually no difference between on-premise, cloud or hybrid implementation on our platform.
  • Applications can be gradually or partially migrated
  • No testing needed because it’s an exact copy of ‘everything’.
  • No downtime as there is just only one ‘switch’ moment.

According to Gartner, by 2024 nearly all legacy applications that have been migrated to public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers will require optimization to become more cost-effective.

The feature

Cloud providers will continue to strengthen their native optimization capabilities to help organizations select the most cost-effective architecture that can deliver the required performance, but that is only one part of the equation.
By automating manual configuration tasks using our DeltaBlue platform, there is less risk for the migrating MSP and therefore, an incentive for the end customer. I would, therefore, love to talk to MSPs that are open to discussing a partnership. And no, in this case, it’s no Lift and Shift.

… Although that would be a dream come true.

Let’s talk.

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A seamless Lift and Shift
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